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Escorted Tours

Kerala Explorer including
Kerala Beach Stay

  • Route:
  • London
  • Kochi (Cochin)
  • Allepy
  • Thrissur
  • Munnar
  • Thekkady
  • Trivandrum
  • Beach Stay
  • London
3 NIGHTS from $pp

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy Kovalam's stunning beaches
  • Allepy backwaters cruise
  • City tour of Kochi and Trivandrum
  • Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary
  • and more...
Extension from $pp
Tour + Extension from $0pp

To book call us on 1300 286 155

Extend your tour with a Kerala Beach Stay

Included in the Price

  • Included Fully Escorted Tour with local English Speaking Guides throughout
  • Included All internal travel including air-conditioned/heated transportation
  • Included Accommodation in 3, 4 & 5* hotels & Traditional House Boat
  • Included 29 Meals including 10 Breakfasts, 9 Lunches & 10 Dinners
  • Included Entry fees to all sights
  • Included Arrival Airport Transfer
  • Included Return Airport Transfer

Important Information


Please be advised that if you have chosen to add the Kerala Beach Stay to the end of your tour, you will need to obtain an Indian visa prior to your departure from Australia, in addition to a Sri Lanka visa for the main tour.

Australians must obtain a visa or be eligible for a Tourism Visa on Arrival (TVOA) before travelling to India.
The Indian Government has launched its TVOA scheme through the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) facility. Eligible Australians may apply for an ETA for tourism related travel of 30 days or less. Further information on eligibility is available on the Government of India's website at
All other Australian visa applicants (i.e. those not applying for TVOA) will need to make an appointment online prior to submitting their visa application through the Indian Bureau of Immigration website at


You must obtain suitable travel insurance prior to departure and be able to provide evidence of your cover to our agents and ground suppliers.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is adequate for your particular needs. If you choose to travel without adequate insurance cover, we will not be liable for any losses howsoever arising.


If booking more than 10 weeks before departure a deposit of £250pp will need to be paid at the time of booking with the full amount payable at 10 weeks prior to departure. The deposit applies to adults and children. If you are within 10 weeks of travel then the full balance of the holiday will be payable.

Flight Information

All internal travel is in air-conditioned/heated vehicles.

Health and Vaccinations

It is your responsibility to check any health and vaccination requirements applicable to your booked arrangements. We can only provide general information about this. Health and hygiene facilities and disease risks vary from country to country. You should take health advice about your own needs as early as possible and in good time before your departure. Sources of information include;,,, your General Practitioner or a specialist clinic.

Physical Accessibility

This tour is accessible to most people with an average level of fitness and normal mobility. It involves full days of sightseeing, often on foot, and includes some climbing of stairs and getting on and off coaches and boats. This tour is not suitable for anyone with walking difficulties.

Group Size

There is no minimum number of travellers for this extension however the main tour passenger numbers will apply for the main part of the tour. If in the unlikely event there are less than the required number of people booked on your main tour date then you may be asked to change to a different date. A full refund will be made available to you should this alternative not be suitable.

Tour Guide

This is a fully escorted tour, meaning that you will be met on arrival by your national guide who will remain with you for the duration of your trip. You will also be joined by a local guide in each of the cities which you visit, ensuring that you have first-hand knowledge at all times.

Currency Information

The currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). The Rupee is a closed currency and officially you are not allowed to take any cash out of Sri Lanka. US Dollars are also widely accepted in these destinations, should you wish to keep an alternative currency on you. Therefore, it is very important that you budget carefully.

The currency in Kerala is the Indian Rupee (RS). The Rupee is a closed currency and officially you are not allowed to take any cash out of Kerala. US Dollars are also widely accepted in these destinations, should you wish to keep an alternative currency on you. Therefore, it is very important that you budget carefully.

Personal Expenses

You will need to take some extra money with you to cover any personal purchases, such as souvenirs, laundry and extra drinks and snacks. Approximately $200 - $400 will be sufficient for the duration of the tour, depending on how much of a bargain-hunter you are!

Tour Dates & Prices

StartEndExtension PriceTour PriceTotal Price
Uday Samudra Hotel
20 Sep 201804 Oct 2018$269pp$1359pp$1628pp
27 Sep 201811 Oct 2018$269pp$1399pp$1668pp
04 Oct 201818 Oct 2018$269pp$1429pp$1698pp
11 Oct 201825 Oct 2018$269pp$1439pp$1708pp
18 Oct 201801 Nov 2018$269pp$1479pp$1748pp
25 Oct 201808 Nov 2018$269pp$1429pp$1698pp
08 Nov 201822 Nov 2018$269pp$1429pp$1698pp
15 Nov 201829 Nov 2018$269pp$1449pp$1718pp
22 Nov 201806 Dec 2018$269pp$1459pp$1728pp
06 Dec 201820 Dec 2018$299pp$1479pp$1778pp
03 Jan 201917 Jan 2019$299pp$1549pp$1848pp
10 Jan 201924 Jan 2019$289pp$1499pp$1788pp
17 Jan 201931 Jan 2019$289pp$1489pp$1778pp
24 Jan 201907 Feb 2019$289pp$1529pp$1818pp
31 Jan 201914 Feb 2019$289pp$1499pp$1788pp
07 Feb 201921 Feb 2019$289pp$1499pp$1788pp
14 Feb 201928 Feb 2019$289pp$1449pp$1738pp
21 Feb 201907 Mar 2019$289pp$1429pp$1718pp
28 Feb 201914 Mar 2019$289pp$1499pp$1788pp
07 Mar 201921 Mar 2019$289pp$1499pp$1788pp
14 Mar 201928 Mar 2019$289pp$1549pp$1838pp
21 Mar 201904 Apr 2019$269pp$1569pp$1838pp
28 Mar 201911 Apr 2019$269pp$1549pp$1818pp
04 Apr 201918 Apr 2019$269pp$1499pp$1768pp
02 May 201916 May 2019$269pp$1299pp$1568pp
16 May 201930 May 2019$269pp$1149pp$1418pp
03 Oct 201917 Oct 2019$299pp$1429pp$1728pp
10 Oct 201924 Oct 2019$299pp$1449pp$1748pp
17 Oct 201931 Oct 2019$299pp$1489pp$1788pp
07 Nov 201921 Nov 2019$299pp$1439pp$1738pp
14 Nov 201928 Nov 2019$299pp$1469pp$1768pp
21 Nov 201905 Dec 2019$299pp$1469pp$1768pp
Vivanta By Taj - Green Cove Kovalam
20 Sep 201804 Oct 2018$329pp$1359pp$1688pp
27 Sep 201811 Oct 2018$329pp$1399pp$1728pp
04 Oct 201818 Oct 2018$329pp$1429pp$1758pp
11 Oct 201825 Oct 2018$329pp$1439pp$1768pp
18 Oct 201801 Nov 2018$339pp$1479pp$1818pp
25 Oct 201808 Nov 2018$379pp$1429pp$1808pp
08 Nov 201822 Nov 2018$379pp$1429pp$1808pp
15 Nov 201829 Nov 2018$379pp$1449pp$1828pp
22 Nov 201806 Dec 2018$379pp$1459pp$1838pp
06 Dec 201820 Dec 2018$379pp$1479pp$1858pp
03 Jan 201917 Jan 2019$379pp$1549pp$1928pp
10 Jan 201924 Jan 2019$379pp$1499pp$1878pp
17 Jan 201931 Jan 2019$379pp$1489pp$1868pp
24 Jan 201907 Feb 2019$379pp$1529pp$1908pp
31 Jan 201914 Feb 2019$379pp$1499pp$1878pp
07 Feb 201921 Feb 2019$379pp$1499pp$1878pp
14 Feb 201928 Feb 2019$379pp$1449pp$1828pp
21 Feb 201907 Mar 2019$359pp$1429pp$1788pp
28 Feb 201914 Mar 2019$359pp$1499pp$1858pp
07 Mar 201921 Mar 2019$359pp$1499pp$1858pp
14 Mar 201928 Mar 2019$359pp$1549pp$1908pp
21 Mar 201904 Apr 2019$299pp$1569pp$1868pp
28 Mar 201911 Apr 2019$299pp$1549pp$1848pp
04 Apr 201918 Apr 2019$299pp$1499pp$1798pp
02 May 201916 May 2019$299pp$1299pp$1598pp
16 May 201930 May 2019$299pp$1149pp$1448pp
03 Oct 201917 Oct 2019$359pp$1429pp$1788pp
10 Oct 201924 Oct 2019$359pp$1449pp$1808pp
17 Oct 201931 Oct 2019$359pp$1489pp$1848pp
07 Nov 201921 Nov 2019$409pp$1439pp$1848pp
14 Nov 201928 Nov 2019$409pp$1469pp$1878pp
21 Nov 201905 Dec 2019$409pp$1469pp$1878pp
Isola Di Cocco
20 Sep 201804 Oct 2018$249pp$1359pp$1608pp
27 Sep 201811 Oct 2018$249pp$1399pp$1648pp
04 Oct 201818 Oct 2018$249pp$1429pp$1678pp
11 Oct 201825 Oct 2018$249pp$1439pp$1688pp
18 Oct 201801 Nov 2018$249pp$1479pp$1728pp
25 Oct 201808 Nov 2018$249pp$1429pp$1678pp
08 Nov 201822 Nov 2018$249pp$1429pp$1678pp
15 Nov 201829 Nov 2018$249pp$1449pp$1698pp
22 Nov 201806 Dec 2018$249pp$1459pp$1708pp
06 Dec 201820 Dec 2018$249pp$1479pp$1728pp
03 Jan 201917 Jan 2019$259pp$1549pp$1808pp
10 Jan 201924 Jan 2019$259pp$1499pp$1758pp
17 Jan 201931 Jan 2019$259pp$1489pp$1748pp
24 Jan 201907 Feb 2019$259pp$1529pp$1788pp
31 Jan 201914 Feb 2019$259pp$1499pp$1758pp
07 Feb 201921 Feb 2019$259pp$1499pp$1758pp
14 Feb 201928 Feb 2019$259pp$1449pp$1708pp
21 Feb 201907 Mar 2019$259pp$1429pp$1688pp
28 Feb 201914 Mar 2019$259pp$1499pp$1758pp
07 Mar 201921 Mar 2019$259pp$1499pp$1758pp
14 Mar 201928 Mar 2019$259pp$1549pp$1808pp
21 Mar 201904 Apr 2019$239pp$1569pp$1808pp
28 Mar 201911 Apr 2019$239pp$1549pp$1788pp
04 Apr 201918 Apr 2019$239pp$1499pp$1738pp
02 May 201916 May 2019$239pp$1299pp$1538pp
16 May 201930 May 2019$239pp$1149pp$1388pp
03 Oct 201917 Oct 2019$259pp$1429pp$1688pp
10 Oct 201924 Oct 2019$259pp$1449pp$1708pp
17 Oct 201931 Oct 2019$259pp$1489pp$1748pp
07 Nov 201921 Nov 2019$259pp$1439pp$1698pp
14 Nov 201928 Nov 2019$259pp$1469pp$1728pp
21 Nov 201905 Dec 2019$259pp$1469pp$1728pp

Travelling Alone?

We have 2 rooms available on every tour date for single occupancy use, however a single supplement must be paid on the add-on part of the tour.

Colombo Airport Closure 2017

Please note that if you are travelling on the Jewels of Sri Lanka, Secrets of Sri Lanka or Grand Tour of Sri Lanka main tours, Colombo Airport will be switching to nighttime operation in order to carry out refurbishment in early 2017. As a result, your extension may start a day later. If this is the case you will receive an extra evening meal in Sri Lanka prior to your flight in the evening. Your full itinerary and whether you are affected will be confirmed to you in writing post booking.

Alcoholic drinks

Please note that Kerala has strict laws regarding the governance of the sale of alcohol in public places including hotels and restaurants. The sale and consumption of alcohol is therefore often restricted in hotels, varying from one establishment to another. However, you may bring your own alcohol with you for private consumption in your room.

Fact File

  • Minimum temperature: 27°C
  • Maximum temperature: 29°C

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